I would like to monitor my recorder’s headphone output remotely. Nothing extreme, approximately 200 meters max. The reason for this is when recording quiet nature ambiences I set up my tripod / mics / recorder, check levels, hit record, and then walk out of pickup range so as to prevent making another stellar recording of my breathing or stomach growling. Obviously I would like to have a hi fidelity, uncompressed, non-companded, stereo signal.  Here are some options I’ve thought of…

  1. Wireless IFB systems (Comtek, Lectrosonic, Zaxcom, etc). very expensive and mono only.
  2. Wireless stage monitoring (Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, etc). stereo options. moderately expensive, transmitter usually not easily portable.
  3. FM transmitter (Belkin, DIY, etc). stereo. very inexpensive. range is wattage so inversely proportional to batt life. consumer product / questionable fidelity.

What am I forgetting?

So far I’m leaning towards an FM solution. Does anyone have any experience with a good FM Tx/Rx pair they could recommend?