I’ve had my eye on Reaper from a distance for some time now, cautiously considering diving in as I keep hearing it mentioned in conjunction with sound design. Today I was looking through the GDC vault, when I found the PDF for this talk about VR audio and the use of Reaper in a workflow. I typically live in Pro Tools (as many of us do, probably?) but this talk’s mention of Reaper’s Region Render Matrix, and how it fits into the overall project workflow definitely intrigued me.

Those of you who use Reaper – what benefits have you found with using the program, and how deeply have you embedded yourself into it? Do you still use Pro Tools then export to Reaper before a middleware program (like this GDC talk mentions)? Or do you do all of your sound design within Reaper now? Are there any specific features (such as the Render Matrix) that jump out as unique and specific to Reaper?

I’m super curious about people’s experiences with this program, as well as the learning curve associated with it coming from another DAW.