Which techniques do you use to prevent lavalier noise?


Hey everyone,

One of the things I struggle the most with is hiding lavalier mics in clothing without getting rustling noise. The closest I came up with was by experimenting with several types of tapes covering the body of the mic, but none of the attempts was 100% accurate.

Which techniques work for you?


Such a great question, Victor….because I think we all get faced with this issue to varying degrees.  While not a definitive answer for you, I’d have to say it’s a moving target.  There are some good products out there that isolate lav mics and protect them from clothes, but depending on the mic placement, the action  & movement of the talent, they work with varying success. There are protective pouches/ holders one can make out of moleskin or tape and when extremely organized one can sew the lavs into clothing/wardrobe.   Look to Youtube and you’ll find some How To Tutorial videos on lavalier mic placement and mic protection.

I don’t have any magic secrets, but do find that making a strain relief loop in the cabling…and taping that to the clothes…prevents tugging on the mic. Also make sure there is some strain relief at the transmitter end.  All this makes it so that movement doesn’t migrate to the mic capsule.  As fas a products go, lately I’m really enjoying the Hide-A-Mic products for my Sanken COS-11d mics.  Nice isolation and easy to use.

What brand mics are you using?


Great question, and difficult answer!

It changes depending on fabric type, mic placement, lav model, action in the scene, etc… There is no “one size fits all” answer.

I have an entire case next to my cart dedicated to making the lavs sound as natural as possible. There are 10 – 12 different types of tape, different mounts, strain relief solutions, elastic belts, etc…

To be able to give you a more specific answer, can you ask a more specific question? What type of lavs are you using? What types of outfits are you laving? Is it just a talking head situation? Walk and talk? Action scene?

Attached is a picture of my “Wiring cart” and tape box

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