Hi all,

First time posting. I’m a journalist who’s just getting into making my own field recordings.

It’s been fun so far, but a couple of times I’ve found that I’m getting a high-pitched beeping/high-pitched tone on the recordings, especially outdoors. I’ve tried to recreate the same effect at home, but it doesn’t happen.

I’m guessing it’s some kind of interference? Maybe cellphone interference? When it happens, it’s usually in busy, public places.

If so, are there are any techniques for avoiding it?

There’s a snippet of a recording here [https://clyp.it/fzluiont] that shows the effect. It gets worse the longer the recording goes on.

I’m recording with a Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic, attached via XLR cable to a TASCAM DR-40. I’m holding the Rode in my bare hand. I’m also recording my own voice simultaneously, on a different track, into the TASCAM.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot,