Hi, probably a “newbie style” question, based on a personal need I know :), but I have collected a huge quantity of ambient random recordings during a bunch of years. Really anykind. From a lot of different locations and situations, indoor and outdoor, both of things that were happening and I just recorded on the go as I was there, or prepared recording done in my home studio and little sound lab, of several audio sources and materials. Or intentional visits in places, being in city locations, or in the nature, countryside, some animals, and so forth.
All files are mostly wave, stereo or mono, MS or normal, and some are surround 4 channel (all of them are let say 55%), some are audio extracted as wave from videoclips taken by a decent camera (about 15 %),  a bunch of mobile phones audio file formats (about 10%), and a bunch of high quality 320 cbr mp3 I did with a former recorder, some years ago (20%).
Now I’d like to start ordering, cleaning up and listing things a bit. I don’t mean audio editing by now, that will come of course, but simply to catalogue and tag all the files, when possible, to be able to have a more easier and quick access when I will start using those.
Luckily I named a big deal of folders and more or less I now what is what, but other times I have folders with date only, although I somewhat know where I was when I did those recordings and what’s all about.
Then, finally, other folders really need me to listen each file one by one. (My fault as at that time I wasn’t still thinking of building a useful catalogue, I was just compulsively recording for months 😀 knowing that sooner or later I ‘d have started using those recordings).
In the last year I’ve become more of ” a good sound guy” and actually naming folders properly now.
So, all in all, if I may ask your opinion, what would be your way to approach it?
How would you organize the process to make it quick as possible? How would you build folders structures, by contents I guess, as is not important the date, while is more important what’s in that file, and so forth.
How would you tag files and which software would you use?
I know a couple of free audio player that somewhat allows you to build a catalogue of samples and recordings.
One is the Resonic player, another is Aural Probe, but just found them and have still to investigate what you can and cannot do.
Do you guys are aware of any decent freeware software (or commercial stuff that has a version free for personal use) that does a good job in organizing audio files?
I use Windows pc atm, no Mac.
Thanks a lot for reading, and in advance for your answers.