Vehicle Recording – Engine / Exhaust Sounds


I am recording my own personal vehicle. I have recorded foley and sound effects so far but the thing I am having trouble figuring out how to record engine/exhaust sounds? I want to record on the vehicle as it’s moving. Any tips on where to place the microphones, how to connect it to a vehicle, and so forth would be extremely helpful.

Also, will I be able to utilize the gear I already have?
Gear: RODE NTG3, RODE NT1-A, Line Audio CM3 x2, 702t, with plenty of XLR’s and microphone stands.



I was doing similar research recently!  Depending on what specific material you are looking for you can get by with about 4 channels, though having more channels will give you more options and can help you better capture the vehicle.  In an article by the Pole Position guys, I believe they said their minimum was one channel in the engine compartment near the air intake, one on the exhaust, and a stereo pair in the cabin.  There are a few great articles around that can provide more concise info:

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Good luck!

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