The most ‘amazing’ backwards sound I have ever heard is….


I’ll comment mine later…. it is vivid in my memory & it was for a film

What is the sound you have you been the most startled by reversing it?


I think the thing that caught me most off guard was an idea that came out of all the psychoacoustics reading I do. Most phonemes in the English language have a length somewhere between 100 and 500 ms. I found that you can slice up a piece of dialog into segments longer than 100ms, batch reverse them and it will be completely unintelligible. You can still identify it as a voice, but no one will understand it. It’s great because it doesn’t just sound exactly like a piece of dialog that’s been reversed. The individual slices change the cadence a bit.

The threshold of comprehension, where it sounds weird but can still be intelligible is somewhere between 50 and 100 ms. It all depends on the speaker, the listener, and the content of the lines. The smaller the slices, the better understood it will be.

Whether you’re going for recognizable voice with no intelligible dialog, or just a weird vocal effect, that slice and reverse can be a great starting point! Here’s an example from a presentation I did, large slices to small (400ms, 200ms, 100ms, 50ms, and 25ms followed by the original unprocessed recording).


I remember listening to a podcast on linguistics. Apparently if you reverse a recording of the word “Oil” you get the same thing. I guess it’s somewhat variable based on accent but it’s interesting nonetheless.


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I love the way some animals sound when they’re reversed, very other-worldly and creepy.


I also like how different explosions, fireworks and gun-shots sound when turned backwards, making great build-ups and whooshes.


I’ll have to try that slicing trick too. Should be easy with Reaper being as you can split items at grid, reverse them and then you could even randomize their order to disrupt the cadence even further.


Vocal reversing are interesting and, whaa ! it is really surprising the slicing trick. I ‘ll find some time and give it a try 😉


Something that worked very well in a dream sequence I worked on. The sound supervisor paused playback and asked ‘this low sound, it is beautiful…. what is it?’
Low rumbling from a retreating thunderstorm (without the strike/clap) reversed, you get a sense of danger or threat but you can’t place it. And the subtle movements/tremblings are so weird and organic that it fits very well with other sounds.


I was recording some “rattlesnake egg”  magnets. I got a few samples and was scrubbing through the timeline with a scroll wheel and found this one moment that had this amazing bass swell when played backward.

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