What do you find to be the greatest challenges when cutting historical period pieces?

What are the most advantageous resources / libraries when cutting these?


A few years ago I was brought on to cut backgrounds for a western that took place shortly after the civil war. It astounded me how polluted so many of my libraries were with modern sounds. Planes, traffic wash, air conditioning, all these ubiquitous sounds that I have become so accustomed to suddenly were grossly apparent and completely unavoidable. Even walla sounded too current to be very usable.

In a bind, I turned to Gordon Hempton’s libraries and also found Tonsturm’s Quiet Forest to be quite helpful for these backgrounds.

This fall I’ve been asked to join the team for an upcoming series that takes place in the Renaissance. I fully expect to put these libraries to good use again, but I anticipate sword fights and horses aplenty.


What else should I consider, either in terms of libraries or research resources?

What do you watch out for when cutting period pieces?