Sound Devices 702T vs. Zoom F8


Hi folks,

I’m planning on getting an advanced recorder — I’m currently using the H6 — and wanted your opinion about the Zoom F8’s performance when compared to the 702T. I’ve worked with Sound Devices recorders before and I find the sound quality extraordinary, but still didn’t have the opportunity to test the F8. Taking into account that the price difference  between both is huge, would the F8 be a good investment or should I go with the 702T instead?



I have a Zoom F8 as well a H6, and there is a big diference between the two. all i can say is the F8 es really good piece of gear for the price, the preamps are really quiet the only thing with the recorder is that the limiters are in digital domain wich means that if a saturation occurs the limiter is post saturation, for that reason i buy a used SD 442 in really good conditions that has 4 preamps with direct output for each channel (balanced) I connect each one to the Zoom F8 across the line in TRS plug. With this i have 4 channels with analog limiters that i use when I really need it. The F8 has a function that lets you record in dual channel this means that the imputs 1,2,3,4, can are copied to channels 5,6,7,8, and you can set diferent level of gain in each one, so you can have a copy of the source and if saturate in the first 4 channels you have a copy with low levels in 5,6,7,8. And this occur in the analog domain. In this mode you can only record 4 channels.

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