Sound Devices 702T vs. Zoom F8


Hi folks,

I’m planning on getting an advanced recorder — I’m currently using the H6 — and wanted your opinion about the Zoom F8’s performance when compared to the 702T. I’ve worked with Sound Devices recorders before and I find the sound quality extraordinary, but still didn’t have the opportunity to test the F8. Taking into account that the price difference  between both is huge, would the F8 be a good investment or should I go with the 702T instead?



A while ago I did a comparison between the F8 and a SD 552.


Also, the most obvious difference is the channel count (8 vs 2 channels). There is also the F4 with 4 channels and even cheaper than the F8. However, I don’t know if there are more differences between the F8 and the F4 than the channel count.

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