Sound Devices 702T vs. Zoom F8


Hi folks,

I’m planning on getting an advanced recorder — I’m currently using the H6 — and wanted your opinion about the Zoom F8’s performance when compared to the 702T. I’ve worked with Sound Devices recorders before and I find the sound quality extraordinary, but still didn’t have the opportunity to test the F8. Taking into account that the price difference  between both is huge, would the F8 be a good investment or should I go with the 702T instead?



This is not really answering your question directly but here is something to think about – Sound Devices recently scrapped the 7 series except for the 702T and the 788.  The 702T is still comes with a firewire 400 port which is not exactly current technology.  I have no inside knowledge at all on this, but suggests to me that the 702 is either right at the end of its run or very close.  Since it is a popular bit of gear I would expect something coming down the pipe to replace it or it being redesigned with more current technology.  So if you decide to go that route you might benefit by waiting a bit to see what shakes out?  Either you might like the new stuff or the price of second hand 702s might go down as people sell there old ones to purchase the new version (or however things turn out?).

I also have not used the F8, so I can not comment on it compared to a 702 which I do own and love very much.  I bought mine used 6 years ago and it has never had any issues at for me.  Rock solid.

Good luck with your decision.

*** Again I have no insider info at all I am just using common sense to make a guess on the 702’s future.  I have been wrong many times before though! ***

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