I’ll freely admit I haven’t really mastered composite sounds all that well yet. That is to say, if I’m producing a sound that I want to evoke a certain mood, I experiment until I have the mood I want and then I see what high end or what bass would compliment it and build it up like that. If I’m designing a sound from scratch though and I want something in particular, something very specific, I wouldn’t know what layers to give it from scratch.


If you have an idea in your head how something should sound though, a vocalization for example or something else complex, how close do you get to your vision when the sound’s made. Do you hear the sound in your head and think if I crossed an angle-grinder with a gibbon with a dragster I know I’d get that sound, or is the process more alchemical for you. Which comes first, the concept of a sound, or something in the right ballpark that you build on? Do you know what to layer with what right away or is it a question of tinkering.


I can produce emotive and abstract sounds. I want to graduate to producing particular sounds that sound like particular things – unicorns, particular magic spells, sound sequences etc, all while relying as little as possible on libraries, since I only have single-user licenses.