Is there any software that analyzes archive-sounds and enables me to search for related soundfx just by spectral patterns and other complex acoustic parameters?

In step one i would wish to find more whooshes of similar character by just choosing one initial whoosh.

In step two i wish this “neuronal fingerprint comparison” would be a kind of soundminer-plugin/option 😉

In step three the spectral-analysis learns to intelligently link the “whooshyness” of my initial Soundfx with the most common tag “WHOOSH” from the already available metadata of another 100 similar sounding whooshes in my archive.

In step four soundminer would offer automatic batch-tagging of sound files in a new field “spectral tags”. After learning from 100 well tagged “Footsteps, wood” the spectral analysis would now by itself suggest tags like “Footsteps, wood” for soundfx with acoustically analogical structure.

Where do you see the chances and/or limits?