I’m trying to get into the realm of playing with ADSR envelopes and, so far, have had limited success. I want to do things like turn drones into gongs or cymbals for production elements.


I’ve tried applying fades, but I struggle to make them sound like natural decays as opposed to just a sound fading away. Using reverb mitigates that pretty well, but if anyone has any other tips I’d be very grateful.


Where I’m really struggling though is to get sharp attacks right. I’ve tried automating the volume of my sounds to make rapid fades of anything from 3 to 12 DB, but they just end up making it sound like the sound starts with an artifact.


I have also played with Plug-in alliance’s Nvelop Transient shaper plug-in and an automated  pitch shifter to rapidly decrease the pitch of the first tiny portion of the audio.


I thought about using automated multi-band compression, particularly if I was looking for a more bassy attack as in a gong but haven’t tried that yet. If anyone has any tips on things to try or knows the whereabouts of any tutorials on the subject, how the volume of the first tiny portion of a percussive sound relates to the rest etc, I’d really appreciate it.


Thanks a lot.