I am Not trying to re-create placement of sounds in the traditional stereo paradigm, but want to create a new type of soundscape using elements of the Mid/Side arrangement.

I’d like to explore M/S wiring using a fixed cardioid in front of two subjects who are close together.  The second microphone is a shotgun mounted on the hand-held video camera.

The signals from both microphones now come in to a Beachtek DXA-HDV mounted under the camcorder.  I can adjust gain on either input, then send the mixed signal to the camcorder.

No editing will be done and therefore no decoding can be done of the M/S channels.  Because the two subjects are close, I don’t need a “stereo” image.  I”m looking for a new type of sound experience.

What could be a fascinating audio experience for the listener of the the raw, unedited video?