Hello, dear colleagues! My name is Phil, I’m an audio engineer and musician from Russia, Western Siberia. Glad to see such kind of storehouse of knowledge on this awesome website, thank you for being here. 🙂

I’m trying to get my foot in the door of sound design for video games, and now I’m working on music for mobile game for the very first time.

Is there any tips or kind of special rules? I mean, what’s the difference between “classic” mastering (for album releases, so to speak) and mastering for mobile devices? (Should I adjust my mixes for headphones or built-in speaker, should I cut or lift some special frequency ranges, etc..?) How loud (RMS) they should be? And is there any chance not to bounce them so many times and check on my smartphone just to realize that they has different instrument balances like absolutely different mixes?

Looking forward to your advice.

Kind Regards,