Is it possible to set different encoding for banks in Fmod Studio?


Hello there,

We are migrating from Fmod Designer to Studio recently, and I have many questions.

As I see in a little picture in the Manual, there’s an option to set codecs for banks seperately. But I couldn’t find those options in my v1.08.03. I can see there’s options to choose encoding for files and folders in Assets Bin, but i need per-bank options.

Did Firelight removed that option completely in v1.08?


From the 1.08 changes

Speaker format and bank encoding settings can now be specified on a per platform, per folder, and per asset basis from the Assets browser. Custom target platforms (e.g. low spec PC vs high spec PC) can be created in the preferences dialog.

Accompanying video detailing the bank/build changes:

It looks like they have removed the option when changing the build workflow.


Yep, bank settings are removed in favour of more granular control – it’s just as easy, you just set up your encoding settings in the Assets tab instead of in the Banks tab.

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