Hi there

how do you deal / handle black copies? A user sent me a link to a site which provides content of my work as black downloads. I know, there is illegal stuff and black copies out there, and I started a kind of living with it. But still, if I see it, it makes me upset.

Did YOU find your own content as black-copy downloads? How did you react? What to do?

I know, contacting the owners of the site is a wast of time. Also, there are some stupid countries in the world which allows webhoster to provide illegal stuff.

On the other site, I just would like to thank all the users and clients wich has purchased official license form my products. By purchasing a license of a sfx product (not only sfx, actually it is anything!), you’re not only receiving (hopefully) a great and useful product, you support and encourage the publisher of the product to continue working on new stuff. Creating new stuff needs $$. Not only for recording, it’s for simple things like coffee, the rent for a space, the food for the cat…