Hi everyone,

I was watching a game the other day and wondered how is the recording and mixing processes of football (soccer) games. Since I couldn’t find information for what I was looking for, I was wondering if any of you went through such experience before. If you did – and even if you didn’t – would you know the answer for any of the following questions?


  1. Which are the foundations of mapping a field (i.e. mic choice, phasing, noise, acoustics, etc)?
  2. Are there differences in timbre depending on the stadium’s architecture (i.e shape, materials)?
  3. Is there a fixed amount of channels allowed or can the sound mixer set as many as he/she wants?
  4. I’ve noticed that there are a couple of shotgun mics pointing to the field to capture whistle and kicks, but what about the crowd?
    Would there be cardioid mics around the stadium or figure 8 or omnis? Where are they generally placed?
  5. Finally, what are the challenges to mix everything and broadcast it on TV, especially when it comes to live broadcasting?

Thank you & regards.