I work mainly in the broadcast/advertising industry and, as such, a large majority of my projects are very quick turnaround.  A typical challenge here determining the level of detail you can produce consistently across the whole spot and still meet the deadline.


My general strategy when I start spotting a project is to categorize the sfx by what will be easy to produce, what will be more difficult to produce, and what I can leave out if need be.  I like to work on the more challenging segments first, when the project is still fresh and I’m less likely to get burnt out.  If I’m stuck on something I force myself to switch gears and work on the easy stuff.  Once I’m confident I’ll have plenty of time to finalize the mix, I start improving the detail, revising any sounds I’m not in love with, and replacing library effects with custom recordings.


What’s your strategy for budgeting your time?  Would especially love to hear from those of you who have worked on longer term projects since I have less experience in that area.