Hey, folks! Work currently on my own sound library for personal use and notice variety of possibilities to form first library for share. For past year i recorded many sources (household, crowds, town and countryside ambiences, trains, animals, seashore sounds, rain and thunders) but most of them has poor quality – i used cheap tascam dr60d recorder without any preamp – thus i deside to re-record exceptionally bad recordings with my upgraded setup (SD MixPreD + Tascam DR100mk3) and want to concentrate on nature sounds and foley. Problem is that there are so many really good sound libraryes about rain, thunders, seashore and birds from all around the world, this confuse me. Yes i always may share with people for free and i will, but my main goal is to make someting useful and earn some money to compensate all time and resources i spent during recording sessions.

So i need advice where to start. I know many of recordists and sound librarians gain experience through years of hard work in film or music industries, but i had no such chance. =(