Free International Sound Creation Contest Mixage Fou #8 !


Hi all !

The 8th edition of international sound creation contest Mixage Fou is now open !

Registration is absolutely free.

Deadline 5th March 11:59pm (gmt+1, Paris)

This year the sound library’s theme is Biodiversity.
It’s been put together by three renown european field recordists : Rodolphe Alexis, Timo Klinge and Eckhard Kuchenbecker.

You should definitely give it a listen. It’s licensed under CC with attribution and non commercial use.

There are only two rules in Mixage Fou :
– Your creation must not exceed 80 seconds
– Your source material can only be taken from the sound library.
Then you can do whatever you like to the sounds you use, and use any processing power or whatever tool you like to craft this into a great creation ! You may even use only one source sound or all of them, your choice.
Submission categories are :
– regular stereo
– binaural audio
– 5.1 surround
– Auro3D 9.1

The objective of our association is to promote the use of surround sound and spatial audio and gathering them on an online player.

As every year there will be plenty of prizes to win.
More informations here : and here
Both pages are in french…if you need any help please ask me !


Hi Pierre,

I would like to read more on this competition but as stated both sites are in French and, unfortunatly, I am very much English. Is there an English version I could read through?


Hi Jay,

We haven’t had the time to design the english version of the site this year…really sorry for that.

Please follow that link :

There’s a “Download” button to download the sound library.

You have to send back your creation before 5th March 11:59pm to this adress : mixagefou@gmail .com

We will send you back a number and then our panel will review all anonymous creation. We will get back to you as soon as we have the results.

You can apply to either one or several format categories (stereo, binaural, 5.1, Auro3D).

If you want to apply to several categrories, then you have to make an original creation for each one of them.


That’s about all there is on the website.

Follow the two rules I mentionned in my first post and you will be on the right track !


If you need any further information, I’m here.



So does the subject of our mix have to be biodiversity or can we make any weird and wacky sound we like as long as it makes good use of stereo or multi-channel imagery?


Seems like the deadline is NOT the 5th of march but the 31th of march. At least that’s what they told me, when I tried to send them my mix today.


Tu peux aller sur ce site web et telecharger la banque de son .
et Tu peux nous envoyer ta création sonore via Wetransfert

la deadline est 31 mars.

Bon mixage fou

Even if you do understand the french site, there is not much information about the contest. It’s a little disapointing. Yet i lke the task.

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