I’ve searched the forum and not found any discussion about this so apologies if it has been covered elsewhere. I have also asked on GSĀ and DUC, I hope that’s not an issue.

I’m supervising sound post on a feature in March that will be edited on Final Cut Pro X.

I’m aware that FCPX doesn’t support AAF or OMF export natively.

It seems like the only current option is to use X2Pro to convert XML to AAF. I’ve been told about AATranslator but it’s Windows only and FCPX transfers are still a beta feature so I don’t see it as a viable alternative.

My questions are:

1) Is there another option I’m missing for going from FCP to PT? The cost of X2Pro is not an issue, the production company will be paying for any software needed but they are pretty set on using FCPX.

2) In the FCPX -> X2Pro -> Pro Tools workflow are there any potential pitfalls at any point from syncing rushes to turnover that I should be aware of?

3) Does anyone have any other useful tips about this workflow that they wish they’d know before they did it for the first time?

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S. Production sound for this will only be a mono boom track so no dealing with multi track production if that makes a difference.