Hey all

I am at the moment pretty much just recording SFX, though I very occasionally get a gig doing live recording.

So here’s what I have for field recording: Rode NTG-3 and NT-4 into an H4n
Also a PCM-M10

I’ve been kinda okay with recording into the H4n and RX-ing away the noise from the preamps but I’d love to switch to a mixer recording into the m10.

Ideally, I’d go for something from Sound Devices because they’re awesome. As always though, they’re very expensive.

So, is it worth buying, say, a used FP-33 on eBay and spending that (at the moment hypothetical) money on something else for now? (More, better mics? Something to add/use some metadata? So many choices!) Or, should I continue waiting and RXing until I actually have Sound Devices money set aside?