Editing FX for trailers


Hi all,

I was wondering when cutting FX for trailers that have wall to wall music, do you generally cut to picture sync or go with the rhythm of the music so it won’t potentially sound offbeat?



Without a doubt, go with the musical timing. Your mind is trained to stay on beat way more than it is to notice sync.

Check out Source Sound’s portfolio page. Source does almost all of the high end trailers out there (about 315 trailers a year) and all of them are cut to music, not picture. That goes for SFX too. SFX times to the beat of the music, not picture. Now, that means that sometimes there to be some serious fiddling to make it work right; you don’t want a big picture hit (explo, title hit, etc…) that misses a music hit. You need to find a way to make it work, which can make for some funky music edits – but they need to be musically correct…

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