Do you favour certain dynamics?


While working through recent recordings I notice I grimace at louder sounds – I have a natural dislike for them… while quieter sounds draw me in & I engage with them and enjoy them more… So I was wondering if you are naturally drawn towards certain dynamics with sound?

As a musical parallel, I’m sure we all know of drummers who seem to operate at 200% volume at all times… while there are also plenty of subtle drummers who achieve their approach quietly and more sensitively…. Another genre of loud people are I presume those who make Reaktor patches that constantly slam 100% level… And are gun nuts also in the LOUDERER fan club?

(I dont need to be told that, of course we all engage with different dynamics, and for different reasons eg loud = danger, quiet = intimate etc… this question is just surveying people who actively work with sound, and whether you have observed a natural inclination in yourself towards certain dynamics)


Over the last number of years, I have found I have developed a physical dislike of everyday loud sounds. I’ll flinch away from a loud sound, often sounds other people on the street take for granted (bus air brakes being a particular pet hate). Whether this is because I’m more aware from the years working in sound, or perhaps mild hyperacousis from playing in a band when younger, I’m not sure. I hate stacking the dishware as the ceramic clatter causes me discomfort.

I find there’s a powerful emotional factor to it though as well. I like every so often to listen to some music that just has to be played loud for the encompassing feeling. Though music does usually fall within a limited dynamic range so doesn’t really count in the argument.

Totally agree about the Reaktor patches though. Sometimes I’ll skip a patch/instrument because the unpleasant loudness has turned me off it.

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