Over the past 5 years, I’ve been involved in more and more projects, all thanks to word of mouth. I’ve never worked on a project for which I applied first, I was always recommended by people I worked with before.

As the pool of people I’ve worked with has increased, so has the number of recommendations and projects. That’s earned me enough to allow me to invest in some gear and quite a bit of software and sound libraries. That being said, I still have to have a day job in order to pay the bills, rent, etc.

Recently I put out a few sound libraries, which have sold a few copies, and I’m working hard on improving them and releasing more.

I’m also filling out/updating my Upwork profile as I’ve seen a few successful audio people on there, such as George Vlad.

I’m curious as to what other things I could be doing in order to get more work. All feedback and suggestions are appreciated!