Hello everyone! I’m currently working on a comedy with very stylized scenes. In a thriller/mistery scene, the main character meets a friend who he thinks is now an enemy, a menace.

They are standing in front of each other and this friend is holding a sword and he handles it slowly in a scary way for our hero. These are very slow movements, up to 5 seconds, of the sword.

I’m trying to make it “vibrate” in the high end. I’m thinking of an exaggerated low end too, like Kylo Ren’s force in Star Wars.

I don’t like the scrape sounds I have, I don’t want that sound. I want a clean metallic resonance, and I’m going with gongs and such, but still I’m having hard times since it’s not a fast movement but a long one, which would clearly be better if performed to picture.

Any suggestions? Thank you!