I’ve seen little posted about what sorts of tools people are working in on a daily basis.  I don’t mean plugins and other specialized tools.  More along the lines of which DAWs or video editing tools do you have open all the time and how are you using them?


For example, I do sound stuff entirely as a hobby right now.

  • Recording and mixing music.  I play a few instruments and use Reaper to for this work.
  • I’ll do audio quality enhancement for home video type stuff of my own.  I often use HitFilm for basic video editing and compositing work.  I’ll use Reaper if the audio track needs any work.  You can actually do some video work in Reaper, but it’s clunky compared to all the NLEs that are available.  I’ll use other freeware tools like MP4 box, ffmpeg, avantgui, avidemuc for doing the remuxing audio and video to avoid unnecessary rerenderings
  • I’ve started dabbling in field recording, synthesis, and Foley style work…for fun.  I’ll stay in Reaper for pretty much all of this.

A follow on question is, why do you use a particular toolset?  Employer/client mandate?  Ease of interoperability with collaborators?  Cost?

I don’t remember why exactly I got started with Reaper.  But it turned out to be a very powerful yet affordable real DAW that was also lightweight,fast, and very reliable.  Not having interests in live performance or EDM, it was a good fit for me.

I tried out HitFilm Express a few years ago when I needed to do some basic home video editing.   A friend who primarily uses Adobe AE and Premier mentioned how good it was for the money (Hitfilm Express is free).  Since I don’t have extensive video editing needs I stuck with it.  I did upgrade to the paid pro version to get a few extra features; it’s very affordable and capable for a hobbiest like me.