Best portable speakers for worldizing?


Not able to bring mains power with me to interesting locations, I was wondering what people would suggest for portable, battery-powered speakers/monitors for playback while worldizing in the field, and which models offer a reasonable frequency response (as I’m sure that tradeoffs will be occurring in looking for luggable units).


The best bluetooth speaker I have heard so far is the big JBL one. However, I’ve found that most bluetooth speakers (including this one) have a bit of a scooped out mid-range though… which is not great for your application…

I’m thinking the best route may be to see if you can’t get a speaker modified? My favorite speaker for reamping has been the Avantone MixCube. Ultra portable, pops on a mic stand. Only issue is that it’s AC powered (and 30v at that…). Though it does have an external transformer, so, it may be possible to run it off of DC with a small mod?

Things might start getting heavy with all of that though…

David Farmer loves a Monster bluetooth speaker he has. You might ask him about it.

Also, a lot of the IR guys (Stephan Schutze comes to mind) travel with speakers. Maybe they have some ideas?


Check out vibration speakers on amazon. You won’t find anything more portable than those. However, they need a good solid surface for mounting to get decent sound from it.


Another option would be bring the powered speaker you want, a 12-Volt battery & a power inverter (I use a Wagan 200W inverter,


A portable power cell like this:


A good tiny portable speaker might be the Soundbucket from highend UK manufacturer Crookwood. Some location recordist here might already know their great Paintpot preamps. They also do marvelous mastering consoles.


I haven’t been able to try it yet but it seems worth a listen ! I wouldn’t use it for IR recordings though.

But apparently they can go loud without compressing too much the signal.


The Minirig ( comes highly recommended by Duncan Speakman of the Circumstance Collective. They carry out a lot of public audio art performances and he has found them very reliable and robust for that work.


i recently bought an “Anker Soundcore”  for a film project i’m working on. I wanted to record IR’s for altiverb inside an old abandoned house where there is now power.They came out very useful. 

Here’s a link from a first test in the university i did with it inside an empty classroom. It’s available till dec.30th 2016 feel free to use it inside your projects!


Hers’s a link to the anker via Google search. 


I’ve used a Bose SoundLink Mini speaker to worldise voices before very successfully.

I had some nice offscreen arguments that we’d recorded during ADR that I played back in a quiet side street about 70 metres away from a Sennheiser 30/40 mid side rig. Got a really nice, natural, open sound from it.

Up close the Bose has hugely over hyped low end but at that distance it just did a good job of reproducing the voices believably.

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