I would like to access the hive mind of DSX.  I have a client that is looking to be able to place a mic on the outside of a building for a full year, and get recordings through all that time.  The recorder can be inside the building so that part of the equation is covered.  But any advice on a mic that can handle the heat and condensation of the hottest days in summer, the rain blasts that come with Spring and the sub-zero temperatures and ice that are a part of winter would be appreciated.  Ideally the mic would be self contained as if a blimp is needed I think it would just get waterlogged after hours in the rain.

I have found some mice that are meant for outdoor intercoms and similar applications but they are very far from offering a full frequency range.  Crown makes a boundary mic that is the best thing i have seen so far, but its frequency range does not go very high.

Let me know if you have any ideas.